其实搬瓦工早在一年前就明确说明不能再续费搬瓦工OpenVZ架构的方案了,最近可能是最后一批OVZ方案到期了,这款时间收到了好几封搬瓦工发来了的关于OpenVZ VPS Phase Out的邮件,可能有些人还不知道搬瓦工取消OpenVZ方案的这个消息,搬瓦工这里再跟大家分享一下这个消息以及可能的处理办法。



以下是搬瓦工官方发来的OpenVZ VPS Phase Out的邮件:

OpenVZ VPS Phase Out

Dear Bandwagon Host Customer,

It is time for us to gradually phase out OpenVZ technology from our platform.

As you may know, OpenVZ v6 is going to reach EOL in November 2019. This means there will be no more security updates and no support provided by the developers,
and we will not be able to continue operating this technology after this happens.

We want you to have the best experience possible, and we have carefully looked into our options. The only two viable options were:
Option 1: Introduce OpenVZ 7;
Option 2: Ask customers to migrate to KVM.

We did take a good look at OpenVZ 7. Unfortunately, we found that it will require a significant development effort in order
to migrate all clients, and yet it offers no major advantages over OpenVZ 6 *or* KVM. At the same time, since introduction of our KVM plans back in June 2017 the vast
majority of our customers naturally migrated from OpenVZ to KVM which only reinforces the strength of KVM platform compared to OpenVZ.

Therefore we are going to discontinue OpenVZ support on our platform and we ask that all remaining OpenVZ customers migrate to KVM. We are disabling all OpenVZ renewals on our platform.

To make this transition smoother for you, we have extended the paid period for all OpenVZ VPS for two weeks, free of charge, for all customers. This will give you two extra weeks of time to make this transition to KVM.

We thank you for choosing Bandwagon Host and we are continuing to work on bringing the best virtualization technologies to our customers.

Daniel C

Bandwagon Host

You are receiving this service impacting notification because you have an active OpenVZ VPS with Bandwagon Host.

主题的意思就是OpenVZ技术要被搬瓦工淘汰了,所以之前购买搬瓦工OVZ方案的朋友将不能继续续费服务,只能将数据迁移到KVM架构上,目前,搬瓦工其他几个在售方案,包括搬瓦工KVM方案搬瓦工CN2方案搬瓦工CN2 GIA方案搬瓦工CN2 GIA-E方案均是KVM架构的。


BandwagonHost: OpenVZ VPS Phase Out


OVZ架构的VPS本身就是没有KVM架构好的,而且现在搬瓦工推出了CN2 GT以及CN2 GIA等更快线路的方案,所以是时间选一台更高配置、更快的搬瓦工VPS了。

第一款是搬瓦工CN2方案,推荐新手入门购买,入门选择;第二款是搬瓦工CN2 GIA-E方案,三网CN2 GIA,速度快且稳定,建站推荐高端性价比方案(搬瓦工优惠码:BWH3HYATVBJW;使用教程:搬瓦工购买教程:注册账号、支付宝/微信付款教程):

搬瓦工CN2 GT方案 搬瓦工CN2 GIA-E方案
  • CPU:1核
  • 内存:1GB
  • 硬盘:20G SSD
  • 流量:1000G/月
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 机房:KVM 9个机房
  • 迁移:9个机房(详细介绍)
  • 价格:$49.99/年
  • 测速:测速网站
  • 购买链接:立即购买
  • CPU:2核
  • 内存:1G
  • 硬盘:20G SSD
  • 流量:1000G/月
  • 带宽:2.5 Gbps
  • 机房:KVM 9个机房 + 2个CN2 GIA机房
  • 迁移:11个机房(详细介绍)
  • 价格:$49.99/季,$169.99/年
  • 测速:测速网站
  • 购买链接:立即购买
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